Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Fairy
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 20 cm
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Brings quill pen for check in,
and leads guests to their rooms.
Location Rondel

Fay (Fue in Magna) is the fairy working at the Hotel in Rondel where Itami and the girls stayed.


Fay is fully clothed in the Anime but, is nude except for stockings in the Manga. When she flaps her four wings they displace dust creating sparkles to the delight of guests of the Hotel. She wears a bonnet in the Anime but is hatless in the Manga.


She brings a quill pen for customers to check into the hotel, and leads them to their rooms.

Special Skills

Flying comes natural to a fairy.


Book GATE (C) Sentai Filmworks Houston, Texas, page 98


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