Battle of Ginza


Second Battle of Alnus Hill

First Battle of Alnus Hill
Gate - orcs

Japanese-Empire War


687, Imperial Calender (20xx Earth Calender)


Alnus Hill, Special Region

  • Overwhelming JSDF victory
  • The destruction of 60% of the Imperial military power

at least a few thousand, including...

Several thousands troops including infantry, cavalry and mage




The First Battle of Alnus Hill is the first battle and offensive made by the JSDF after the Battle of Ginza in the Special Region. The battle of also serves as first expedition of the JSDF into the world beyond the Gate.

First stage

In order to determine the enemy position and number as well as terrains, the JSDF sent UGV to scout the area first. When the UGV drone came beyond the Gate in Alnus Hill, they were able to scout the area and the numbers of Imperial Troops around Alnus Hill that including retreating troops from Ginza and reinforcement from the capital.

During the scouting, most Imperial Soldiers or Auxillary troops hesitated to attack the drone since they were clueless about what it was due to the massive gap in technology between the Empire and Japan.

Second stage

After the scouting was completed, the JSDF sent a battalion of tank and armored vehicles to assault Imperial's position in Alnus Hill. The reinforcement Imperial's army and the retreating army from Ginza commanded by Senator and Mage Godasen at the time were completely overwhelmed and helpless against the superior firepower of machine guns and tanks of the JSDF and their primitive weapon like arrows, ballistic or catapult were completely useless against the modern steel plates of tank and armored vehicle of the JSDF.

As the result, the whole Imperial military camps and army were being decimated after a whole day of futile fighting. Only Godasen and few troops made back Sedera alive with massive injuries.

After cleaning up the corpse of Imperial troops, the JSDF began to set up permanent base in Alnus Hill. While setting up defense to fight the Allied army in the Second Battle of Alnus Hill.