Gaston Nol Boa
Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black has short beard
Eye Color Dark brown
Title(s) Head Cook at the Alnus Co-op eatery
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Head Cook
Location Alnus

Gaston Nol Boa is the Head Cook at the Alnus Co-op eatery, he acts as boss too.


He's burley and menacing looking.


Having lost his former cooking job when the business shuttered its doors and windows he is very afraid of losing his job. He knows that Delilah besides being Head Waitress is a spy for the Formal Clan. Thus he warns Delilah that rather than lose his job and be forced to leave Alnus he will inform any official who asks what he knows and suspects of her activities.

After Delilah attacks Akira Yanagida he and the staff of the Alnus Co-op eatery are questioned by Japanese MP Kikuchi. Gaston says he cautioned her, then asks it they will be fired and forced to leave Alnus. He and the staff are relieved when informed they will not me asked to leave Alnus.

Special Skills

Good Chef and boss. in the Anime he always wears a head scarf but not in the Manga.


GATE (C) Sentai Filmworks Houston, Texas page 89 book included in their English dubbed Gate Anime box set.


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