Gate: Weigh Anchor is a sequel series of Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There. The plot will be focus on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF) force unlike the ground force in the previous series and Yoji Itami will return as a main character and as a captain of the JMSDF. The new mission for Itami is to travel the seas of the Special Region aboard the Oyashio-Type submarine Kitsashi. Weight Anchor takes place 4 years after the timeline in Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There.


4 years after the closure of the Gate, The ‘Gate’ opens again after the otaku Captain Yoji Itami (previously second lieutenant) made a successful connection with the other world. As the Japanese government tries to keep the monopoly on the ‘Gate’, they send the JSDF to the other world to build a good relationship with the people there. Captain Goro Eajima of the JMSDF goes together with the petty officer Tokujima, his subordinate and former cook, on a mission to explore the other world. At that time, an American journalist gets abducted and Edajima and Tokujima get send on a special mission to rescue the journalist. They both board the Oyashio-class submarine ‘Kitashio’ and sail the seas of the other world. But there they get mixed into various problems of the islands and the pirates.


  • Primera Luna Agion is a princess of Tinae, nicknames “Tinae’s jewel of blue sea” or “drunken princess.”
  • Shura No Arch is the captain of pirate ship Arch and friend of Primera.
  • Shamrock Ha Elixir is one of Tinae’s ruling “ten members commitee” and an ambitious politician.
  • Tokushima Fuji is a Chief Petty Officer arriving with Captain Etajima Goro is a captain of JMSDF in the special region . He is also a great chef.
  • Etajima Goro is a JMSDF captain of Oyashio class Submarine Kitsashi in the special region he is the ranking JMSDF officer.
  • Odette Ze Negula is a guardian of warship Odell and friend of Primera
  • Isla De Pinos is a demi human race Lennon with eye on forehead, She is Shamrock’s secretary.
  • Caipirinha Em Ruyter comes from Tinae and a candidate captain of warship Odell.


Main Characters GATE Season 2 Book 1

The main characters of GATE Season 2 Book 1 [title: Head Removed according to Google Translate] This is the source of the B&W character art above.


The cover for Gate: Weight Anchor