Gate: Weigh Anchor is a sequel series of Gate - Thus The JSDF Fought There. The plot focuses on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF) force unlike the ground forces in the previous series and Yoji Itami will return as a main character and as a captain of the JMSDF. The new mission for Itami is to travel the seas of the Special Region aboard the Oyashio-class submarine (親潮型潜水艦) Kitsashio (北潮). Weight Anchor takes place 4 years after the story of Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There.


4 years after the closure of the ‘Gate’, it reopens again after the otaku Captain Yoji Itami (previously second lieutenant) made a successful connection with the other world. As the Japanese government tries to keep the monopoly on the ‘Gate’, they send the JSDF to the other world to build a good relationship with the people there. Captain Gorō Edajima of the JMSDF goes together with the petty officer Tokujima, his subordinate and former cook, on a mission to explore the other world. At that time, an American journalist gets abducted, Edajima and Tokujima get send on a special mission to rescue the journalist. They both board the Oyashio-class submarine ‘Kitashio’ and sail the seas of the other world. But there they get mixed into various problems of the islands and the pirates.


  • Tokushima Hajime (徳島 甫) is a Chief Petty Officer arriving with Captain Etajima Goro is a captain of JMSDF in the special region . He is also a great chef.
  • Edajima Gorō (江田島 五郎) is a JMSDF captain of Oyashio-class Submarine Kitsashio in the special region he is the ranking JMSDF officer.
  • Primera Luna Avion (プリメーア・ルナ・アヴィオン) is a princess of Tinae, nicknames “Tinae’s jewel of blue sea” or “drunken princess.”
  • Shura No Arch (シュナ・ノ・アーチ) is the captain of pirate ship Arch and friend of Primera.
  • Odette Ze Nevula (オデット・ゼ・ネヴュラ) is a guardian of warship Odell and friend of Primera
  • Shamrock Ha Elixir (シャムロック・ハ・エリクシール) is one of Tinae’s ruling “ten members commitee” and an ambitious politician.
  • Isla De Pinos (イスラ・デ・ピノス) is a demi human race Lennon with eye on forehead, She is Shamrock’s secretary.
  • Caipirinha Em Ruyter (カイピリーニャ・エム・ロイデル) comes from Tinae and a candidate captain of warship Odell.


Main Characters GATE Season 2 Book 1

The main characters of GATE Season 2 Book 1 [title: Head Removed according to Google Translate] This is the source of the B&W character art above.


The cover for Gate: Weight Anchor

GATE Season 21

Gate season 2.1 Abnormal anchorage Self Defense Force at his ocean, so fighting. And description translated from Japanese by google translate.

GATE Season 22

GATE Season 2.2 Rebellion Self Defense Force at his ocean, so fighting, and description.