Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Title(s) Senator
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Job(s) Senator
Rank General
Affiliation Empire
Pro War Faction

Godasen is senator and mage of the Imperial Senate. He leds the Imperial army during the Battle of Alnus Hill against the JSDF in which all his soldiers were butchered by the superior firepower of the JSDF. He survived the battle with massive injuries and made it back to Sedera. He is a member of the pro-war faction during the Imperial Civil War.

He was shot in the chest with a arrow by the Oprichina's commander Dulles when he was taken hostage by Deliah during the rescue operation of the JSDF to free a captive Japanese from the Battle of Ginza from the imprisonment of Zorzal's force. His body was used by Deliah as meat shield to engage her enemy.

Despite being saved by his centurion Borhos and get medical treatment, his chest wound is too severe and he loses too much blood from his bleeding finger chop off by Delilah. He succumbs to his injury later on.


His Name is possible a combination of the Words God and Asen, which means Aesir in german, one of two Pantheons of Gods in Norse-Germanic Mythology.



Godasen in the manga


Godasen as he appears in the anime

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