Hamilton Uno Ror
Character Information
Kanji ハミルトン・ウノ・ロー
Romaji Hamiruton Uno Rō
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 17
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Page
Affiliation JSDF

Rose-Order of Knights

Location Special Region



Hamilton Uno Ror (ハミルトン・ウノ・ロー Hamiruton Uno Roru) is the Page of Piña Co Lada who is two years younger than her.


Hamilton is a girl with great loyalty to Piña Co Lada, who she is often seen by the side of.


Hamilton is a young girl with brown hair and jade green eyes. She wears a blue headband. She also wears armor with a white cape.


In the Princess Pina's Order of Knights comic, Hamilton first appears as a 10 year old page, reminding Pina not to shout during a reward ceremony for returning veterans. When Pina created the knight school, Hamilton was ordered by Pina to enlist, she was often seen with Suissesse, who would think dirty thoughts, and Hamilton would notice. In the knight school, Hamilton was often shown to be inferior to the other students, despite this she still ranked in the top 10, above Margarita, and Balalaika. When school is not in session, Hamiltion and Grey are often seen together observing the princesses condition, and attempting to cheer her up whenever she looked sad.

During a camp-out, Hamilton, Suiccess, and Beefeater, hunted together, when it was time to dissect the deer, Hamiltion was the one to cut its neck, much to her disgust.

She was ranked 3rd most attractive girl in the order by Norma Co Igloo, who admired her loyalty, and saw her as "perfect wife material".

Later, when heavy rain threatened a nearby dam, Hamiltion was the first to follow Pina, after she had revealed that she planned for her students to become a real knight order. When Grey got washed away, Hamiltion Beefeater, and Suissesse, accompanied Pina to rescue Grey, upon arrival, Hamiltion fought against the goblin horde, but was quickly incapacitated, and was nearly killed by a goblin, but Beefeater, and Pina came to her rescue. She and Suissesse had to retreat after Suicces ran out of arrows, and Hamiltion was knonked down. However Bozes soon came to the rescue, leaving Norma is charge of repairing the dam, Bozes and Pina went back to back to fight off the goblins, Norma then arrived with the rest of the students, who quickly killed the remaining goblins.

Hamiltion then returned to the knight school, and was seen waking up Beefeater, who had fallen asleep in class again.


Hamilton is first seen sitting in the bar talking about JSDF.

Skills and Abilities