Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Demon or Human?
see Appearance.
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Desk Clerk Hotel Shokai
Location Rondel
Debut Anime episode 18
Manga Chapter 53

Harmar is the head clerk at the Shokai Hotel in Rondel.


In the Manga he has pointed ears, and nobs on his forehead looking like a demon, while in the Anime he looks like a dark skinned black haired human so I'll put a "?" on Race. Human or Demon he is huge.


Over joyed that the Apostle Rory Mercury is staying at the hotel. He slights Itami as her man servant. Later when the bell boys attack he offers to find them room in another Hotel and begs mercy on the bell boys. When news hits Rondel of the people who killed the Flame Dragon he makes things work for the party.

Special Skills


The book GATE (C) Sentai Filmworks Houston, Texas page 97 has an article and art showing Harmar.

Note Taad has his name as Halmar see