Herm Fule Maio
Herm manga
Character Information
Kanji ヘルム・フレ・マイオ
Romaji Herumu Fure Maio
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 23
Gender Male
Title(s) Viscount
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation Zorzal
Location Special Region



  Herm Fule Maio(ヘルム・フレ・マイオ Herumu Fure Maio) is the friend of Zorzal as well as a viscount of the Empire. He is stripped of his Viscount title after the Civil War.


In the past, Herm was much humble where he had often advised the young Norma Co Igloo to refrain from ignorantly performing any reckless actions during their time as part of the Rose-Order of Knights. This later changed after leaving the Rose-Order of Knights and becoming a viscount. He becomes more arrogant and haughty, along with showing no remorse as he took part in either slaughtering or enslaving innocent lives during the Battle of Ginza, though this may be more a display of different ideals between those from the Special Region and Japan. Herm seems to respect Zorzal and even holds him in high regard. He also seems to have no sense of compunction when making Piña his enemy.

While he was given humane conditions by Japan government, as compared to the standards of how the Special Area would usually treat prisoners of war, Herm is clearly ungrateful for the treatment. He even considers the treatment to be a disgrace to someone of his office since he was treated with the same respect as the demi-humans who were also part of the prisoners of war.

Despite how he is the relative of one of the families that are helping in the peace negotiations with Japan, Herm has no intentions of supporting his family’s goal in building peace as he sees the peace terms to be, from his point of view, unfavorable for the Empire. Instead, he and the rest of the returned prisoners choose to secretly collaborate with Zorzal in getting vengeance with the Japanese.

Like Zorzal, Herm is willing to use whatever unconscionable methods in order to gain victory over Japan like how he suggested to Zorzal in having the Empire's goblins in attacking the villages around Alnus, making it look like it was the work of criminals and bandits, along with having the Empire's soldiers attack local villages while having them disguised as JSDF soldiers in order to frame the JSDF and cause a casus belli that would be favorable for the Empire's pro-war faction. Furthermore, despite witnessing tremendous military power of the JSDF, he still greatly underestimates the military power and technology of the JSDF in which he and the rest of the pro-war generals and senators never try to learn and adapt advanced technology and firearms. Instead, they practice outdated scorch earth tactics or letting monster loosed around Alnus to make chaos around the JSDF ranks only to failed miserably and even backfired since all monsters they let loose around Alnus are destroyed effortlessly by tank and the majority of Empire's citizens turns against Zorzal's force.

After Zorzal loses the Imperial Civil War, he finally sees the futility of fighting the JSDF and urge Zorzal to surrender only for him to be threatened to be killed by Zorzal like the rest of the pro-war senators and generals who wants to surrender to prevent more casualty. When Zorzal's death, he is spared by Pina but lose his privilege as Viscount in which he accepts without objection showing that he regrets starting the suicide war against the JSDF in the first place.


Herm is a young man with long blonde hair which is slicked back and thin eyebrows. He wears clothes befitting of a noble.


In the past, the 16 years old Herm had enrolled in Piña Co Lada's Rose-Order of Knights where he was being mentored by the 34 year old Grey Co Aldo. His main goal for doing so was to make connections with the royal family. At some point, he left the Rose-Order of Knights.


Herm was one of the 6,000 prisoners who were imprisoned by the JSDF during the Battle of Ginza. Later he, and 14 other people, were allowed to return to the Empire in order to please the families that are helping with the peace negotiations. However, after being greeted by Zorzal in a meeting, he later plots with Zorzal in getting vengeance on Japan.

Skills & Abilities

Limited military strategist: despite conducting and inventing ways to fight the JSDF firearms, his strategies are highly shallow and lack of adaptability due to his lack of knowledge about modern weapon, technology and anti-guerrilla tactics of the JSDF. As the result, most of his tactics are only short-lived and failed miserly later on.

Swordsmanship: Herm is trained in swordsmanship with Pina, however, he is no match against her.



Herm Fule Maio as he appears in the anime


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