Liberation of Matsui Fuyuki


Battle of Mare

Imperial Infiltration in Italica
Italica anime

687, Imperial Calender (20xx Earth Calender)


Italica, Special Region

  • Legitimate Imperial Government and JSDF victory
  • Haryo tribe severely weakened
  • The entire spy network of the Haryo inside and outside of Italica collapse.
  • Empire's flag - new 1 Zorzal's Imperial Regime
  • Surveillance and counterintelligence agents of the JSDF
  • demihuman maids at the service of House Formal
  • Aurea, Mamina, Persia and Delilah.
  • Unknown number of shapeshifters and undercover imperial agents


Very Heavy (at least 50 Haryo members)

The Imperial Infiltration in Italica was a series of carefully-planned sabotage and assassination attempts conducted by the Haryo tribe and the supporters of Zorzal's regime in order to decapitate once and for all the Imperial pro-peace faction of the Empire by killing all its leading figures during a diplomatic meeting with Japanese representatives in Italica. Most of these attempts ended in failure as the undercover agents were easily detected by the superhuman senses of the Humanoid maids at the service of Formal Clan and the surveillance and counterintelligence technology of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, like cameras, sensors and scanning systems in which all infiltrators are completely ignorant about.

To make matters worse for Zorzal's forces, all Shapeshifters spies and assassins sent by him were secretly implanted with tracking devices by the JSDF during their struggles in Italica, leading to the whole base of operations of Zorzal's forces being discovered and dismantled at within a short period. The situation gives Zorzal and Bouro a massive headache since they cannot understand how all their assassins and spies were completely exposed when they stepped into the Court Formal's palace.

The Haryo tribe suffered at least 50 casualties during their failed infiltration.


After the failed infiltration operation in Italica, the Intelligence gathering network of the Haryo tribe was severely weakened by the massive loss of undercover agents. This unlucky turn of events forced the leader of the Haryo tribe, Bouro, to drastically limit any future operations of the group against the JSDF in order to prevent as far as possible any further casualties among their ranks. This change of tactics proved to be a very unfortunate choice, since the most vital informations about the legitimate imperial government were all carefuly guarded by the JSDF's forces, beyond their reach.