Character Information
Kanji カイネ
Romaji Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Rank Head maid
Affiliation JSDF

Formal Clan

Location Italica

Kaine (カイネ) is the head maid of Myui of the Formal Clan in the city of Italica.


Kaine is a very warm and generous person as shown she immediately thanked Itami for saving Italica. She also cares for her city very much.


Kaine is a middle aged woman with gray hair tied in a bun. She wears glasses as well as clothes of a noble. In the anime, her hair is blonde and she doesn't wear glasses.



She originally sent some of her maids to Alnus to act as spies for the Clan. One of her spies, Delilah, was given a fake order to kill Noriko by was stymied by Akira Yanagida. In the ensuing confrontation, Akira managed to seriously wound Delilah by firing his gun although he suffered a stab wound from her as well.

Skills & Abilities


  • She was once an inhabitant of Rosa, a place which have fallen under Empire's rule since thirty years ago.


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