The Knight's Armament Company 6×35mm PDW is an experimental personal defense weapon designed by Knight's Armament Company (KAC), firing a new 6mm cartridge optimized for short barrel weapons.

As with all personal defense weapons, the KAC PDW is intended to be compact and lightweight (similar to submachine guns), but have a longer useful range (out to the low end of combat rifle ranges, 250–300 m)

Some CIA operative uses these rifle during the Hakone Incident.

400px-KAC PDW 8in

Knight's Armament Company 6×35mm PDW in real life

600px-Gate 09 KAC (1)

Heidegger reloads his PDW

600px-Gate 09 KAC (2)

Ramirez fires his PDW

600px-Gate 09 KAC (4)

Roger in the middle with his PDW


A CIA member carries the Knight Armament PDW in the manga.

600px-Gate 10 KAC (3)

Heidegger fires his PDW at Rory

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