Komakado anime
Character Information
Kanji 駒門
Romaji Komakado
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Guide


Affiliation Defense Intelligence Headquarters

Public Security Intelligence Agency


Komakado (駒門 Komakado) is a part of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters.


Komakado maintains the appearance of a carefree person, but beneath this shell he is sly and cunning as a fox, and wholly dedicated to his country. Because his attitude is quite similar to Itami's slackery, he apparently has taken a personal liking to him.


In the manga, Komakado habitually wears a black coat and smoothed-down hair in a sideburn, while in the anime he sports a look similar to the American TV series character Columbo, with ruffled hair and a trenchcoat.



Komakado is first seen meeting Itami outside the gate when Itami and his entourage from the Special Region - Tuka Lelei, Rory, Princess Piña and Bozes - made their first excoursion to Japan since the Imperial invasion, introducing himself to Itami that he was tasked to escort him along with the guests from the gate. His main concern behind this gesture was that the planned arrival of the Special Region guests had been leaked by inside informants to the leaders of the United States, Russia and China, who intended to "invite" (i.e., kidnap) the visitors in order to use them as bargaining chips against the Japanese government, to ultimately grant them free access to the Special Region and its resources.

Skills & Abilities 



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