Kuzunari Komurazaki
Character Information
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Reporter

Kuzunari Komurazaki is an unscrupulous journalist who tries his best to paint the JSDF in bad light to gain interesting story back at Japan. He often tries his best to gain good footage during the every JSDF operation no matter how dangerous the situation is. His recklessness endangers the life of all JSDF's soldiers around him and his crew mates. A prime example is when he tries his best to film the swarm of black dogs approaching JSDF position,despite being warned not to come close. He cares nothing about everyone else including his own crew, and he does not show shock when his camera man is killed by a shapeshifter during the filming of JSDF operation in rooting our Zorzal's guerrilla force.

His reckless and selfish attitude earns the scorn of Tomita and Kuribayashi as well as the rest of the JSDF squad who call him as cold-hearted weirdo and imbecile.



According to himself, he used to be in the anti-war protest in which he got live combat experience of climbing over chain link fences and fighting with metal pipes.


Melee combat: Komurazaki claims to have melee combat experience with pipe during his year as a anti-war protest.


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