The United Kingdom's L16 81 mm mortar is the standard mortar used by the British armed forces. It originated as a joint design by the UK and Canada. The version produced and used by Australia is named the F2 81mm Mortar, whilst the version used by the U.S. armed forces is known as the M252.

It was introduced in 1965/6, replacing the Ordnance ML 3 inch Mortar in UK service, where it is used by the Army, the Royal Marines and the RAF Regiment.

Several 81 mm L16 Mortar were used during a demonstration to the Empire's senators.

300px-410px-81mmMORT L16

L16 Mortar in real life

600px-Gate JSDF 13 Mortar (3)

JGSDF artillerymen prepares the L16 mortar for firing

600px-Gate JSDF 13 Mortar (4)

The round as it enters the L16 tube, here we see the fuse

600px-Gate JSDF 13 Mortar (5)

The L16 mortar firing its round

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