Character Information
Kanji エルラン
Romaji Eruran
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Title(s) God of Knowledge
Relatives Ral his twin sister
Status living
Professional Information
Job(s) God of Knowledge
Location Rondel
Debut Manga Chapter 53
Anime episode 18

Elange (エルラン Eruran) is one of the twin gods of study and knowledge. He and his twin sister, Ral are the founders of the city of Rondel 300 years ago while they were still demigods.


See Gallery only image of him is on the gate to Rondel


Co founder with his twin the goddess Ral of the City of Rondel 300 (3,000 in the light novel) years ago while still flesh. If Demigods they are at least 1300 (4000) years old.

Special Abilities



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