League Principality
Flag of the League Principality
Flag of the League Principality
Vital statistics
Type Minor Power
  • Vassal State of the Empire (Formerly)
  • Independent State (currently)
Level Pre-industrial Medieval-like Feudal Hereditary Monarchy
Location East of the Kingdom of Alguna
Inhabitants People of the League Principality
  • Duke of the League Principality
  • Army of the League Principality

The League Principality is a former vassal or tributary state of the Empire located to the east of the Kingdom of Alguna and the west of the Kingdom of Elbe and Toumaren, on the large peninsula south of Falmart (the same one as Elbe, Sadera, and, Alnus are all located on). The mountain range of the Tuba Mountains runs south to the borders of the Principality.


Not much is known about the League Principality military, however, it can be seen that much like the Kingdom of Elbe, the people of League has modeled its military after the one of the Empire. Some of the major differences is that the military is dressed in green with yellow trim, as well as the Emblem of the League Principality on the tops of their helmets.

Second Battle of Alnus Hill

The armies of the League Principality were present at the Second Battle of Alnus Hill, where they, along with Mudwan and Alguna were the first to advance on the JSDF positions. The troops of League, along with the armies of Mudwan and Alguna, were destroyed in the first artillery barrage, resulting in the death of over ten thousand soldiers, including the Duke of League himself.

Imperial Civil War

The League Principality is one of the kingdom joins force with JSDF and the Loyalist to fight Zorzal's regime. After the war, The League Principality declares independence from the Empire.