Season 1

It was an ordinary, beautiful day when the GATE appeared in Ginza, Tokyo, changing the world forever. Suddenly, troops of knights, orcs, dragons, and other fantasy creatures swarm into the shopping district from the gate that acted as a rift into a parallel dimension, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Lucky for everyone, Youji Itami happens to be in the area shopping for doujinshi when the attack from the gate begins. Itami might be a self-professed Otaku who doesn’t look like much, but he keeps his head cool in tough situations and plays a key role in pushing the fantasy creatures back to their own realm. He definitely has his priorities straight - his only regret is not getting to buy any doujinshi.

The attack is just the beginning of a whole other world of problems. As part of the Japan Ground-Self Defence Force, Youji is appointed the leader of a team sent to explore the land that lies beyond the gate to attempt negotiations. Along the way, Youji and his troupe explore the new world that has opened to them, and gain new friends from the fantasy world including the beautiful elf Tuka Luna Marceau, who acts as their guide and companion.

But there’s no time to waste. Pressures from both outside and inside the gate are building, and soon the fantasy world is torn between different powers - with Youji and his friends caught in the middle of it all.

No. Image Title Airdate
1 Gate - Episode 1 "The Self-Defence Force Goes to Another World"
Jieitai, Isekai e Iku (自衛隊、異世界へ行く)
July 4, 2015
2 Episode 2 "The Two Armies"
Futatsu no Gunzei (二つの軍勢)
July 11, 2015
3 Flame Dragon "Flame Dragon"
En Ryū (炎龍)
July 18, 2015
4 Episode 4 preview "To Unknown Lands"
Mishiranu Chi e (見知らぬ地へ)
July 25, 2015
5 Episode 5 "The Battle of Italica"
Itarika notatakai (イタリカの戦い)
August 1, 2015
6 Episode 6 preview "Ride of the Valkyries "
Sen megami no kikō (戦女神の騎行)
August 8, 2015
7 Episode 7 preview "The Princess's Decision"
Ōjo no ketsudan (王女 の 決断)
August 15, 2015
8 Episode 8 preview "Japan, Beyond the Gate"
Mon no mukō no nihon (門の向こうのニホン)
August 22, 2015
9 Episode 9 preview "The Hakone Mountain Night Battle"
Hakoneyama yasen (箱根山夜戦)
August 29, 2015
10 Episode 10 preview "Despair and Hope"
Zetsubō to Kibō (絶望と希望)
September 5, 2015
11 Episode 11 preview "Visitors"
Raihō-sha (来訪者)
September 12, 2015
12 Episode 12 preview "What Would Itami Do?"
Itami nara (伊丹なら)
September 19, 2015

Season 2 Confusion exists due to the American market calling episodes 13-24 Season 2 episodes 1-12. Further confusion when the novels began Season 2 four years ahead of the events in the videos. This article contains this confusion as a compromise.

With Japan and the Empire in the midst of making peace, an evil presence lurks within the Empire that is aiming to cause the down fall of the Empire and begin an ERA of despair within the Special Region and Japan. With all the conflict going on, it's only a matter of time before things turn sour, will Youji and Japan be able to make peace with the Empire? Or will the new emperor Zorzal end up negating any contact/peace with Japan? Only time will show.

No. Image Title Airdate
13 Episode 13 preview "The Banquet Begins"
Kaien (開宴)
January 8, 2016
14 Episode 14 preview "The Imperial Capital Quake"
Teito Gekishin (帝都激震)
January 15, 2016
15 Episode 15 preview "Tuka Luna Marceau"
Tyuka Runa Marusō (テュカ・ルナ・マルソー)
January 22, 2016
16 Episode 16 preview "The Fire Dragon, Once More"
Enryū Futatabi (炎龍再び)
January 29, 2016
17 Episode 17 preview "Decisive Battle"
Kessen (決戦)
February 5, 2016
18 Episode 18 preview "The Magic City of Rondel"
Mahō Toshi Ronderu (魔法都市ロンデル)
February 12, 2016
19 Episode 19 preview "Dangerous Sisters"
Kiken na Shimai (危険な姉妹)
February 19, 2016
20 Episode 20 preview "Lover"
Koibito (こいびと)
February 26, 2016
21 Episode 21 preview "Deadline"
Deddorain (デッドライン)
March 4, 2016
22 Episode 22 preview "The Empress in Slave's Clothing"
Dorei-fuku o kita kōjo (奴隷服を着た皇女)
March 11, 2016
23 Episode 23 preview "Paradrop"
Kūtei kōka (空挺降下)
March 18, 2016
24 Episode 24 preview "Thus, They Fought There"
Kaku tatakaeri (斯く戦えり)
March 25, 2016