Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Job(s) Vice Praetor of the Oprichnina.
Affiliation Zorzal's faction.

Luflus (Ruflus in Manga) is Vice-Praetor of the Oprichnina.


In the anime, he has longer hair than he is in the manga.


After Gimlet failure to raid the Jade Palace, he becomes Gimlet's replacement to continue his mission. Despite his vast army, he and his army cannot defeat the superior fighting power and morale of the Rose-Order of Knights.

After the JSDF raids the Jade Palace, he is killed by Bozes Co Palesti who stabs him in the back while trying to run away.


Nothing much about Luflus's abilities, he did manage to convince the Senate to pass the Oprichnina Law, but he quite a weakling compared to others Oprichnina. In the end Bozes chases him down and kills him without any difficulty.



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