M2HB Browning
Production History
Manufacturer General Dynamics
Produced 1921-present (M2HB)
Numbers built 3 million
Weight 38 kg without tripod, 58 kg with tripod and T&E
Length 1,654 mm
Barrel Length 1,143
Cartridge 12.7x99mm NATO
Action Short recoil-operated
Rate of Fire 485-635 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 890 m/s
Effective Firing Range 1,800 m
Feed System Belt-fed

The M2 Browning was created John Browning at the end of world war I and has been in service since 1921 up to the present due to its high versatility and fire power. It is the primary heavy caliber machine gun of NATO countries and its use in the JGSDF is no different.

It fires 12.7mm rounds, which are highly effective against most enemies the JSDF has encountered in the Special Region. 12.7mm rounds can be used against vehicles, lightly armored aircraft and non-fortified buildings. Thus, making it ideal against shields and armor used by soldiers of the Empire.

Despite this, the M2 Browning has difficulty going through normal sized winged dragons even with AP rounds and it is entirely ineffective against the Flame Dragon because of the tough scales that act as a natural armor for these dragons.

M2HB Browning

an M2HB Browning in use

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