Mabel Forn
Character Information
Kanji メイベル・フォーン
Romaji Meiberu Fōn
Biographical Information
Race Demi-God
Gender Female
Title(s) Apostle under Zufmuut
Relatives Belle Forn (Ancestor)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Apostle
Affiliation Zufmuut

Mabel Forn (メイベル・フォーン Meiberu Fōn) is an Apostle under Zufmuut. She views Rory and her God Emroy as her enemies due to being brainwashed by the followers of Zufmuut since birth. She is the youngest and newest Apostle.

She is a direct descendant of Belle Forn, Rory's best friend during her years as priestess-in-training.


  • Blood Sword Diva: Mabel wields the cursed sword blessed by Zufmuut that can control mortal's minds. However, the sword requires the sacrifice of the blood and heart of the daughter born in the Forn Family to summon its. However, due to her Apostle's regenerative power, she can summon the sword without the risk of death.


  • She shares Giselle's massive appetite and great fondness for foods and drinks.