Mei-Com, or Mei Company is Yōji Itami's favorite manga, for which he frequently buys doujinshi based on. The manga itself tells the story of Mei and three other former magical girls who, after losing their powers, find that, because of their constant monster-battling, got poor grades in school, and were unable to go on to university. Because of this, the four of them are forced to set up a "cleaning service". Oftentimes, they seem to be given "clean-up" tasks far beyond the three of their capabilities- ironically including cleaning up debris caused by battles between monsters and other magical girls. Yōji Itami and Takeo Kurata are seen singing the opening to the Mei-Com anime in the Toyota high mobility vehicle in the second episode of the anime.

Real Life

Takumi Yanai has written a short manga of Mei-Com, based on the manga described in Gate, illustrated by the artist Chi.

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