Character Information
Romaji Meia
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Shopkeeper
Affiliation JSDF
Location Alnus

She works as a shopkeeper at the Alnus PX. She has mastered Japanese language and is able to communicate with JSDF on a daily basis.


Meia is a friendly cat girl, and gets on with her co-workers, click on the Gallery's Meia Packing of her Paid vacation below, where she takes all sorts of packages to Italica for the other cat girls.


In manga she has much darker fur and a rounded head. Compare images below.


Meia is first seen interacting with Yao Haa Dushi in the Alnus Bar just after Yōji Itami and Rory Mercury escape Yao: Anime episode 11, Manga Chapter 27. She and Yao interact in the PX in Anime episode 12 and Manga chapter 28. Meia shows Yao her Red Book Introductory Japanese at Alnus PX, but refuses to sell it. Then translates that the Japanese Police want to talk to her.

In the Paid Vacation Chapter Meia and Wolf share the spotlight. She returns to Italica and is put to work training the new girls, see conversations with her friend Miicul in the Gallery images below.



There may be romance int the air in the manga with Wolf. See where she and Wolf are in the steam room together ;)

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