Character Information
Kanji メイア
Romaji Meia
Biographical Information
Race Cat People
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Shopkeeper
Affiliation House Formal
Location Alnus

Meia is a catgirl, a maid of House Formal and a shopkeeper at the Alnus PX shop.


Meia is a friendly girl who gets on with her co-workers and customers. Due to her work at the Alnus PX shop, she has become quite fluent in Japanese.


In the manga Meia has dark fur and wears her hair in a bobcut style, whilst in the anime series her fur is lighter and she wears her pink hair in a pair of loose braids. (Compare Images below.)


Meia is first seen interacting with Yao Haa Dushi in the Alnus Bar just after Yōji Itami and Rory Mercury escaped from her following a major misunderstanding. The next day, Meia met Yao again while the latter was desperately looking for a way to communicate with the JSDF and ask their help against the Flame Dragon plaguing her people. Meia presented her with a book issued to language students and shop clerks at Alnus, but was unwilling to give it away. Their discussion attracted the attention of the military police, who were on the lookout for Yao following a false accusation, and Yao was taken into temporary custody.

In the manga chapter "Paid Vacation", Wolf and Meia took their vacations together. Meia traveled to Italica, where she was put to work training her replacements by the head maid, and returned exhausted.

When the plans to close down the Gate were made public knowledge in Alnus, Meia was one of its residents who opposed the idea, as she had secretly fallen in love with one of the JSDF members and was reluctant to see him leave. Thus, she assisted Diabo in his scheme to kidnap Lelei, believing his claims that he was merely conveying her to a "safer place". However, when Ling Fanghua's commando force infiltrated the other side of the Gate and Meia learned of Diabo's intentions while acting as an involuntary interpreter, she immediately turned against Diabo and alerted the Alnus Community to his true colors.



There may be romance int the air in the manga with Wolf. See where she and Wolf are in the steam room together ;)