The Type 10 (10式戦車 Hitomaru-shiki sensha) is a 4th generation main battle tank of JSDF produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force. Compared with other currently-serving main battle tanks in the JGSDF, the Type 10 has been equipped with enhancements in its capability to respond to anti-tank warfare and other contingencies.

The Type-10 was seen in combat during the Battle of Ginza. During the operation in the Special Region, the JSDF doesn't utilize this tank along with Type-90, instead they use the Special Terrain Type 74 Main Battle Tank since it is not necessary to use their most advanced tank to fight the primitive army of the Empire or beasts in the Special Region. As the result, Type 10 and 90 are going back to defend Japan's border from threats in the modern world.


The Type 10 tank in real life


Type-10 Battle Tank during the Battle of Ginza.