Kingdom of Mudwan
Flag of the Kingdom of Mudwan
Flag of the Kingdom of Mudwan
Vital statistics
Type Vassal State (former) , Independent Nation.
Level N/A
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Mudwans
  • Mudwan Soldiers
  • King of Mudwan (deceased)

The Kingdom of Mudwan is a former vassal or tributary state of the Empire.


Not much is known about the Mudwan military. It can be deduced that much like the Kingdom of Elbe, the Mudwans have modeled their military after the one of the Empire's. Some of the major differences is the lack of a cavalry in the Mudwan army and the Mudwan military is dressed in blue with yellow trim.

Second Battle of Alnus Hill

The armies of Mudwan were present at the Battle of Alnus Hill where they, along with Alguna and the League Principality were the first to advance on the JSDF's positions. The combined armies of Mudwans, Alguna and League were destroyed in the first artillery barrage, resulting in a death toll of over ten thousand, including the King of Mudwan.

Imperial Civil War

The Mudwan Kingdom joins the JSDF and the Imperial Loyalist to fight against Zorzal's regime. After the war, the Mudwan Kingdom declares independence from the Empire.


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