Myui Anime
Character Information
Kanji ミュイ・フォルマル
Romaji Myui Forumaru
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 11
Gender Female
Title(s) Countess
Relatives 2 older sisters

Colt (father, deceased)

Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Head of Formal Clan
Affiliation Formal Clan
Location Italica

Myui Formal (ミュイ・フォルマル Myui Forumaru) is the countess of the town of Italica.



Myui is a very young girl. She has long orange hair with blue eyes.


Her father the former head of Clan Formal, Colt, died participating in the Empire’s expedition force to other world. As her two older sisters were already married into other families, she became the head of Clan Formal. Her two older sisters are battling over who gets guardianship. Clan Formal withdrew its soldiers, having no spare capacity. As a result, crime increased and public safety worsened. 


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