Nanami Kuribayashi
Nanami anime
Character Information
Kanji 栗林 菜々美
Romaji Kuribayashi Nanami
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 20
Gender Female
Relatives Shino Kuribayashi (older sister)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation JSDF

Nanami Kuribayashi (栗林 菜々美 Kuribayashi Nanami) is the younger sister of Shino Kuribayashi.


Nanami has a very laid-back personality, unlike her sister. She is also somewhat clumsy and shy.


Nanami looks almost identical to her sister Shino; the only thing that is different is her hairstyle. She is usually seen wearing a white sweater, black jacket, and her camera.



Nanami is first seen taking pictures with her camera when she suddenly met her sister Shino. In the anime, she is a news reporter trying to get an interview with Itami's crew, and spots her sister with them.

Skills & Abilities 



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