Norma Co Igloo
Norma anime
Character Information
Kanji ノーマ・コ・イグルー
Romaji Nōma Ko Igurū
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Teens
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Affiliation Rose-Order of Knights

Norma Co Igloo (ノーマ・コ・イグルー Nōma Ko Igurū) was the follower of Piña Co Lada, a Chamberlain, as well as a member of Rose-Order of Knights. He died at the Battle of Italica.


Norma was a person with a laid back personality. He had the tendency to complain when the quality of the food was bad.

In the past, Norma was a very energetic child that desired attention from girls. In secret, he and the other boys would rank which of the girls, in the Rose-Order of Knights, was the best.


Norma was a young man with light blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore ornamented armor into battle.


Some time in the past he joined Piña's group.


Norma was first seen sitting in a bar discussing the matters about JSDF. Later, during the Battle of Italica, he was a key player for Italica. He killed several opponents before he himself was brought down, which signaled the bandits' nearing victory.



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