Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Title(s) Commanding Officer
Status living
Professional Information
Job(s) Commanding Officer or Director of JSDF Base in the Akusho
Rank Major
Affiliation Japanese
Location Akusho
Debut Anime Episode 13
Manga Chapter 32

Major Nyutabaru is the commanding officer of the JSDF post in the Akusho district of Sadera is the Capital of the Empire.


Dark haired, in Anime his face is long in Manga more rounded. Black Hair Brown eyes.


In the Anime we meet him welcoming Third Recon Team to the Akusho where he puts Mari Kurokawa to work as a nurse. When Tyuwal predicts an earth shake [earthquake] his former posting to Kobe sight of a major earthquake in Japan and the animals reactions prior to it makes him call an alert for a potential earthquake. In the Manga the Hanshin [Kobe] quake of 1995 and Chuestsu quake of 2004. The book GATE mentions also the Central Niigata quake of 2007 see references. He is calls himself Director in the Anime, but the book GATE calls him Commanding Officer..

He is seen again in Anime episode 24 when he calls in Third Recon Team members volunteering to help rescue Piña Co Lada.


Book, GATE (C) Sentai Filmworks Houston, Texas, page 61.


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