Character Information
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Senator
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Job(s) Senator, Imperial General

Podawan is a senator and general of the Imperial Army in the Wyvern Corps. Like Zorzal, he is a brutish, shallow and cruel military general who like to charge his troops into certain doom against JSDF firearms and considers an Imperial soldier nothing more than meat shields to overwhelm all kinds of enemy no matter how disastrous and high casualties it is. He is also a member of the pro-war faction.

He is killed by King Duran during the failed ambush at Beza Valley during the Imperial Civil War.


After the disastrous result of the Battle of Ginza, he is shown to propose to increase more troops by taking troops from vassal states to attack Japan once against and make them into meat shields while foolishly never thought of the high casualty and consequence of facing the modern firearms of the JSDF. As the result, he was scolded by others senators for his shallow thinking and only things about brute force rather than strategy.

During the Imperial Civil War, he conducts the ambushes against JSDF's helicopter platoon with dragon's rider in the Second Battle of Italica. However, due to his lack of understanding of technology and his underestimation of modern weaponry, the ambush failed as he and his troops only managed to destroy one helicopter using extremely inefficient method of throwing chain net at helicopter's rotor. King Duran jumped at his ride from a helicopter transporting him not before managing to challenge Podawan in a fight.  

''Having taken a clean hit, Podawan looked down in disbelief at the bolt embedded in his chest. At the same time, he fell from his Wyvern’s saddle and faded from sight''.
Podawan meets his demise by Duran's crossbow's bolt, depicted in volume 9 chapter 3 of the light novel.
Due to Duran's handicap status, Podawan managed to get the upper hand during their fist fight at Podawan's wyvern but Duran managed to shoot an arrow from a hidden crossbow installed in his left arm through Podawan's chest when Podawan let his guard down causing Podawan to plunge to his death hundreds feet below.