Panache Fure Kalgi
Panache anime
Character Information
Kanji パナシュ・フレ・カルギー
Romaji Panashu Fure Karugī
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Teens
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Knight
Rank White Rose
Affiliation Rose-Order of Knights
Location Special Region



Panache Fure Kalgi (パナシュ・フレ・カルギー Panashu Fure Karugī) is a member of the Rose-Order of Knights. She is also a close friend of Piña Co Lada. Panache belongs to the denoted baron Kalgi's clan.


Panache has a very serious personality and will carry out her duties without question. However, she can sometimes be oblivious to the situations around her.

There are times where Panache likes to tease others. She did so with Bozes where she blurted to Cices that Bozes had fallen in love with Akira Tomita during their short visit to Japan and the two had "secret meetings" in the woods.

Panache's early years showed that she has a certain affinity for fighting on horseback, as she won the joust in the initial tournament of the Rose Knights during their childhood years. Pina commented that she was more "mobile" whereas Bozes had more "combat power".

During her stay in Alnus, she becomes fascinated by the motorized vehicles of the JSDF and even asked Furuta to give her a ride on the Toyota high mobility vehicle to test its speed. Panache also becomes interested in the F-4 Phantom jet fighters after she learned they are capable of going faster than sound.

She had an intimate relationship with the second prince Diabo.


Panache has a very tomboy-ish look. She prefers to wear noble clothes and has her hair cut short. Panache has silver hair as well as very bright jade colored eyes.


Panache joined Rose-Order of Knights when she was little, along with Bozes and other kids from royal families.

Panache sheltered Diabo, allowing him to hide in her room at Alnus, even sharing a bed with him. Though she slept with her leader's rival to the throne, she was still loyal to Pina. She hoped Diabo would rein in his ambitions, under Pina and that they would marry. However after she told him of the situation of the possible closure of the Gate, Diabo took it as a mission to report it to his brother to prevent it.


Skills & Abilities

Swordsmanship - As a knight, she has been trained to wield a sword.



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