Parna manga
Character Information
Kanji パルナ
Romaji Paruna
Biographical Information
Race Warrior Bunny
Age Teens
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Professional Information
Job(s) Warrior
Affiliation Empire



Parna (パルナ Paruna) was a Warrior Bunny who fled from the battlefield along with Delilah and Griine.


Parna is a warrior bunny who would rather become a slave than run away. She had a serious personality.


Parna is a beautiful young girl who has jet black hair with a mix of white however later she cut off her left ear which meant she would rather become a slave.


Parna was born in a tribe of Warrior Bunnies and fought on the battlefield together with her friends against other tribes.


Parna was first seen traveling with Delilah, but she later made up her mind that she would rather become a slave so she traveled to Akusho with a goal to become someone's concubine. However, she disappeared without a trace.

Skills & Abilities



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