A Rokude pear is a species of pear which appears to grow on a small tree or shrub. The Rokude Pear is identified by its toothed leaves in groups of three, as well its rounded fruits. They grow in clusters of two to three. The Rokude Pear is native to wetter regions of the continent of Falmart. The Rokude pear is commonly used in traditional Special Region medicine as for its anti-inflammatory properties, and was cultivated in the gardens of the Arrun Labyrinth, and is likely grown elsewhere. These properties make it effective at treating the early stages of the Crety Epidemic, but it is ineffective once death and subsequent reanimation have occurred.


After Lelei La Lalena is infected with the Crety Epidemic, Yōji Itami, Yao Ro Dushi, and Rory Mercury are forced to travel to the Arrun Labyrinth, the only place in the arid regions around Crety where the pear might occur. They find the labyrinth filled with the infected of the epidemic and are forced to battle their way through both the infected and dangerous creatures, including a Minotaur, in order to get a hold of the pear. In their search, they are forced to rescue Rory after she is literally ingested by a minotaur, but survives thanks to her regenerative abilities. After killing the minotaur, they successfully acquire the pear, as well as cleanse the site of infected, including the "patient zero" of the epidemic, effectively ending the plague. This allows access to enough to Rokude pears to treat Lelei and all the afflicted in Crety.