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The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (Russian: Слу́жба вне́шней разве́дки, tr. Sluzhba vneshney razvedkiIPA: [ˈsluʐbə ˈvnʲɛʂnʲɪj rɐˈzvʲɛtkʲɪ]) or SVR RF (Russian: СВР РФ) is Russia's external intelligence agency, mainly for civilian affairs. The military affairs espionage counterpart is the GRU. The SVR RF is the successor of the First Chief Directorate (PGU) of the KGB since December 1991.[1] The headquarters of SVR are in the Yasenevo District of Moscow.

The SVR was involved in the Hakone Incident to capture Rory, Lelei, Bozes, Tuka and Pina for intelligent gathering operation about the Special Region. The group of SVR deployed in the Hakone is assumed to the Zaslon, the Russian ultra-secretive black ops unit.


  • Several unnamed Zaslon members


600px-Gate 10 MP7 (1)

A Zaslon member armed with MP7

600px-Gate 10 MP7 (3)

One of the Zaslon member got killed