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Arachnid War

Second Battle of Italica
Italica anime



Italica, Special Region

  • Legitimate Imperial Government and JSDF victory
  • Zorzal El Ceasar is assassinated by Tyuule
  • The disbandment of the Oprichnina
  • All Zorzal forces destroyed with some of soldiers and generals abandoned the Imperial army.
  • The destruction of Haryo tribe
  • The Imperial Civil War officially ends.
  • 10,000 Imperial Army troops
  • More than a hundred Haryo tribe members (the entire tribe)
  • Norra, The Pied Piper
  • JSDF: none
  • Legitimate Imperial: light to moderate, Shandy Gaff Marea, Suissesse Co Mein
  • Dwarves: light to moderate
  • Severe
  • Zorzal El Ceasar
  • Tyuule
  • Norra
  • Bouro
  • Upson
  • All Haryo tribe members
Civilian casualties

Light to moderate

The Second Battle of Italica was the last battle in the Imperial Civil war and Japanese-Imperial war in which Zorzal's remaining forces made a last-ditch attempt to seize Italica, the capital of pro-Japanese Imperial Government in desperate attempt to win the war after more than half of his force being eliminated by JSDF Blitzkrieg Offensive. In order to prevent interference from the JSDF, Zorzal divided his army into several smaller forces, which he used to conduct multiple ambushes on JSDF forces, to distract them while his main force assaulted Italica. In order to rise the morale of his generals and pro-war senators, he gives them false information that the Imperial troops was fighting fiercely to decimate the fighting power of the JSDF and the Loyalist while they were actually being hopelessly slaughtered at fast pace by JSDF bombing runs and tank rampage and Zorzal's force is losing more and more territories to the Loyalist. Furthermore, he also gives them the promise that he will gather more troops to support all the of them in the fight against the JSDF when the JSDF gets to close to Zorzal's force territory with the condition that all of them will have to ambush the JSDF first so Zorzal's can gather troop to help them. However, in truth, Zorzal is willing to abandon all generals and pro-war senator that command the ambush to die as scapegoat and expandable tools without sending any reinforcement to help them so he can attack Italica without any trouble.

The various Imperial forces, consisting of regular troops supported by orc auxiliaries and armored ogres lead by pro-war generals and senators managed to cause some casualties among the JSDF, but are soon wiped out by the superior firepower of the JSDF's modern weapons. Most of the generals and pro-war senators who are tricked by Zorzal die in vain while some of them survives to realize Zorzal's intentions. As the result, they quickly turns on Zorzal and surrenders the JSDF.

At Italica, Zorzal's force of 10,000 men initially gains the upper hand in the battle due to their vast number, but they face stubborn resistance from the pro-Japanese Imperials defending Italica, as well as the a force of dwarves, warrior bunnies, dark elevs and others demi-human races who allied themselves with the JSDF and pro-Japanese factions. Despite the superhuman fighting power of the Dwarves, Warrior Bunnies, Dark Elves and others demi-human races plus the blasting magic of the mage of Rondels as well as the superior fighting power of the Rose Order of Knight, the defender soon become overwhelmed by the vast number of Zorzal's force. However, the defenders of Italica still manage to hold out until JSDF air support along with all the platoons, which fight through the ambush arrive, and, as in the previous Siege of Italica, the overwhelming firepower routs the attackers, causing severe casualties. Furthermore, Itami and his gang also arrive to join the battle with Rory and Giselle, which decimate the Zorzal's force further. As the result, Zorzal and the few survivors are forced to retreat. The defeat also leads the Imperial Army abandoning their support for Zorzal due to his failure and his completed disregard of the well-being of his general and pro-war senators., effectively ending the civil war. Furthermore, while the Loyalist and the JSDF's reinforcement battles Zorzal's force, Bouro gave order to all remaining Haryo members along with the Pied Piper to storm the Court Formal's palace to capture Molt in his sick bed but they faced heavy resistance from the Court Formal's maids and some members of the Rose Order of Knight guarding the place along with some JSDF members commanded by Akira Yaginada. Despite valiantly defended Molt's room, Shandy Gaff Marea and Suissesse Co Mein perished from the sheer number of the tribe and Aurea being beheaded by a tribe member. As they tried to enter the room, Aurea's head manage to kill the nearest tribe member by sucking his life force to buy enough time for Akira and the rest of the JSDF security personnel to storm at Molt's position and kill off the rest of the Haryo tribe member. Despite being confined to a wheel chair, Akira successfully kill the Pied Piper with his pistol by shooting her multiple time in the chest. Knowing they had lost, the surviving tribe members ran for their life and when they saw their leader's death from the hand of Tyuule when she suffocated him with her prison chain, they sadly disappeared in the darkness of the battlefield knowing the Haryo tribe had collapsed.

During this time, Pina manages to defeat General Helm in a sword duel when he charges to her position. However, Helm survives the battle and retreats.