Shapeshifters are a race of demi-humans that can change into any form of living being at their whim. They often used by Zorzal's force as infiltrator, assassins and spies due to their ability to change into the form any kind of person. Some shapeshifters can turn into beast form for combat purposes. They often uses as surprise attacks against JSDF by Herm in which he often uses a flute to command them to attack the JSDF.

Despite their ability, their power is useless against the supernatural sense of the Warrior Bunnies who detects them with ease. Furthermore, their sneak attack against JSDF often meets with little success and most of them got killed in the process.

So far there only two known shapeshifters in the series: Norra The Pied Piper and Kucy.

Their blood color is purplish-black blood. Their true form is a feline humanoid with cat eyes and tails.


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