Shigenori Hōjō
Houjou anime
Character Information
Kanji 北条 重則
Romaji Hōjō Shigenori
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Prime Minister
Affiliation JSDF

Shigenori Hōjō (北条 重則 Hōjō Shigenori) is a former Prime Minister of Japan and the predecessor of Motoi Shinzō.


Not much is known about his personality, during his speech he is speaking firmly.


He is always seen dressed in formal suit.


After the incident at Ginza he announced the discovery of the gate that connects Japan to the Special Region, and claimed that the Special Region is still a part of Japan, not long after sending the JSDF to the gate his position as Minister was replaced by Motoi.

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