Battle of Alnus Hill


Hakone Incident

Battle of Italica
Italica airstrike

Japanese-Empire War




Italica, Special Region


Japanese/Italica Defenders decisive victory

  • Laid the foundations for the first friendly interactions between Japan and the Empire

Ex-Imperial Army bandits


unknown bandit leader (KIA)

  • Rose-Order of Knights (at least four)
  • a few hundred Italica Defenders.
  • Third Recon Team
  • Rory Mercury
  • Fourth Combat Team
  • roughly 800 bandits
    • at least one ballista
  • JSDF: none
  • Rose Knights and Italica: unknown, heavy, including Norma Co Igloo

Most, if not all, killed or captured

Civilian casualties


The Siege of Italica was a battle fought between the ex-soldier bandits that had raided the town of Italica and the Special Task Force. It ended with the Special Task Force's victory through the use of helicopter gunships and air cavalry forces. Italica later becomes one of the few areas in the Special Region that is under Japanese influence.


Ever since the death of the former head, along with how Italica's military force had weakened due to losing soldiers that were used by the Empire for the expedition in Japan, bandits had been attacking the village, threatening to loot the town and rape the women. Piña Co Lada, believing that Italica was being attacked by the otherworlders, came to help only to find out that scattered remnants of the defeated Army of United Kingdoms had defected and turned into marauders; this becomes ironic later as the 3rd Recon Unit came by for business purposes where Piña had, despite in how they are enemies, asked the JSDF for help due to how she found herself overwhelmed by the constant attacks of the bandits.


Piña planned to take advantage of the 3rd Recon Unit by placing them alone at the South Gate as the Imperial princess had believed the bandits would strike there first. Piña and her troops were stationed at the East Gate. Civilians were protected by barricades so that even if the enemy broke through the gates, civilians would have a final line of defense to ensure successful evacuation. However, Piña's predictions were wrong as the bandits attacked the East Gate and she didn't call the JSDF for backup since she was largely unaware of their superior weaponry and thought they were too busy fighting for their life in the South Gate. Without the support of the JSDF , the bandits advance their attacks. Following the death of Norma, the bandits breached the wall and began attacking civilians who wanted to fight for their freedom.

Around this time, Rory started feeling the deaths of the many soldiers, triggering an insatiable bloodlust. This drove Rory to charge onto to the battlefield and engage the enemy, causing severe casualties with her superhuman strength and abilities. Rory is followed into the battle by Sgt. Shino Kuribayashi, who fights alongside Rory, causing further casualties among the invading bandits. Around the same time, 4th Combat Unit also arrived in helicopters and practically wiped out the bandits with their overwhelmingly superior firepower. The few survivors were captured by the JSDF, some of whom were sent to Alnus to work as laborers under the close watch of the JSDF.

The Battle

After Piña placed all the available soldiers at the east gate while ordering the SDF to defend the south she was ready to at least hope to at least force the enemy into attack another day. The Enemy using the cover of darkness launched a surprise attack to kill the inhabitants and loot the city.The fighting broke immediately with Pina desperate to find a way out as she started to hesitate at the sight of people being slaughtered in front of her. The Rose Knight Norma Co Igloo was forced to defend Pina once during the battle and was successful, but was impaled several times by the enemy force dropping from the highest tower in Italica. At this point the demigoddess Rory Mercury unable to contain the absolute pleasure of death around her rushes via the rooftops to join the ongoing battle followed by Itami and two soldiers from the recon squad. The battle at the east gate is not going very well for Pina as her forces are almost depleted and the situation is looking grim. As the recon Squad is heading to the east gate helicopter reinforcements radio that they are on the way and to send a flare of the recon squad's location. Itami launches a flare into the sky as dawn breaks and Rory drops onto the battlefield. Rory wastes no time and starts obliterating the enemy including their heavy warrior in one blow. Shino Kuribayashi rushes forward to engage the enemy in close combat taking down enemy after enemy. The two women form a sort of tag team and wipe out any enemy that come across them but lose sight of what is around them. Itami and Tomita are forced to defend their backs. The battle continues and a huge explosion rocks the east gate. The SDF Helicopters arrive and start attacking the enemy outside the gate. Some of the helis take out enemy antiair positions. The enemy leader desperate to win starts to try to plan a way to salvage the battle but is blown from a tower onto Rory's axe spike. He in his dying breathes tries to explain why he fights but is thrown on the ground and is chopped in half by Rory's Axe. The helis radio that they will wipe the inner gate of the enemy in ten seconds. They do just that while the enemy just stands there, tries shielding against it, or running for their lives. The enemy is utterly defeated with some of them running, others surrendering, and others having such severe PTSD they are unable to do anything but collapse and cry. Pina herself observes the Helicopters and wonders if she really wants to make an enemy of the SDF. Itami and company escape the battle unscathed and manages to negotiate a prisoner and economic treaty with the city. The Heli's retreat to base and the battle of Italica ends.


Because of the JSDF's outstanding contribution with no request of payment, a treaty between the Empire and the JSDF was established. However, some soldiers not involved in the siege were unaware of this, leading to the capture and assault of Itami who had been mistaken for an enemy. This led to Piña personally apologizing for the incident. Several prisoners from the battle, including Myuute Luna Sires, were sent to Alnus where they were allowed to work in the town that had been established around the refugee camp under the close watch of JSDF military police and their local auxiliaries. Myuute eventually ended up joining the auxiliaries herself, working under fellow auxiliary MP Rory Mercury.