200px-SOG flag

The real-life insignia of the JGSDF Special Operations Group.

The Japanese Special Force Group (特殊作戦群 Tokushu Sakusen Gun) is an elite military unit of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, trained in direct combat, counter-terrorism operations, unconventional warfare, and acting as bodyguards for important personnel.

The SFG was formerly known as the SOG or Special Operations Group from their creation in 2004 until they were renamed in 2008. The SFG is divided into three companies, and further divided into specialist unit platoons, including those trained in High Altitude Low Open (HALO Jumps), Weapons specialist such as snipers, maritime, mountain, and urban warfare units. In addition, all candidates for the Special Forces Group are drawn from Ranger-qualified 1st Airborne Division personnel.

In addition to Yōji Itami (callsign "Avenger"), commander of the Third Recon Team, a squad of Special Forces Group Personnel are known to be active in the Special Region, under the callsigns "Saber", "Lancer", "Archer", "Rider", "Berserker", and "Caster". This six-man unit provided security during the Hakone Incident, and also saw action during the Skirmish at Akusho and marked the target with a laser designator during the Bombing of the Imperial Senate.



All seven SFG group callsigns are named after servant classes in the visual novel and anime Fate/Stay Night.

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