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A map of the entirety of the continent of Falmart, Special Region.

Special Region (特別地域 Tokubetsu Chiiki, short: 特地 Tokuchi) is a term used by the Japanese to refer to the world behind the Gate.


The full geography of the Special Region is currently unexplored, and is currently limited to a part of the continent of Falmart, which is controlled mostly by the Empire. The JSDF-explored portion of the continent is bounded to the north by the mountainous Knappnai region and the Range of Ice and Snow, however, a map included in the manga shows that it includes a vast area beyond these regions. The Gate at Alnus is located roughly at the southwest of the continent, with the city of Italica to the north and the Imperial Capital of Sadera to the west. The Blue Sea is located to the southwest, bordered by the Kingdom of Elbe to the south, with the port of Proptor to the north. Other major vassal states include League and Alguna, to the east of Elbe, while the states of Rondel and Bellnahgo are located north of Alnus. The city of Telta is located to the northwest of the Imperial Capital.

While the exact size of the planet on the other side of the Gate is unknown, according to the Ministry of Defense's observations and study, a Special Region Year is estimated to be 383-389 days long, slightly larger than Earth's. Like Earth, the Special Region has one moon, and is part of a solar system that includes at least four more planets. It is also not clear if the Special Region is located in a parallel universe, or somewhere in the same universe as Earth. Uncertainty about this fact also makes it difficult to determine if the Special Region are occurring at the same time as events on Earth, or if the entire world exists in Earth's relative past or future, with the Gate acting as a portal through time, rather than just space.


In addition to normal humans, the Special Region is inhabited by a number of humanoid races, many of which are oppressed by the human majority, at least in the Empire. These races include typical "fantasy" races, most notably elves and goblins, as well as a number of people possessing animal-like peoples, such as the Warrior Bunnies, Medusas, (who suck life energy through their snake-hair), Djinn-like people with four arms, Sirens (similar to harpies), winged peoples, and those with deer antler.

Flora and Fauna

Much of the flora and fauna of the Special Region is similar or practically identical to those on Earth, among the species shown or referenced include humans, cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, vultures, and numerous plant species such as trees or grasses.

In addition to those species similar to those on Earth, there are a number of typical "fantasy" species. In addition to specific humanoid races such as elves or goblins, dragons are also commonplace, including smaller dragons used as mounts by the Imperial Army, as well as the larger, more powerful Flame Dragon.


Unlike religion on Earth, the gods of the Special Region are actual entities which interact with the inhabitants of the regions, though they do not appear to have the power to directly manipulate Earth. Thus far, all inhabitants of the Special Region encounters are members of the same polytheistic religion, though some display signs of henotheism - the idea that other gods exist, but that your god or gods are stronger and others are unworthy of worship. Some people may be chosen as apostles of a deity, gaining superhuman abilities in return. The middle name of special area locals indicate their patron deity. Luna stands for Lunaryur, Haa stands for Hardy and Ro stands for Rory.

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Flora and Fauna


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