The Mitsubishi Type-74, also known as the nana-yon was the main battle tank of the Japan Self-Defense Forces starting in 1975, but was supplanted by the more modern Mitsubishi Type 90 in 1990 and the Type 10 in 2012. While outdated by modern standards, the tank is still in reserve service and is the primary tank sent the Special Region, where it proves devastating against the primitive armies of the Empire during the Second Battle of Alnus Hill.

Several type 74 MBT are used by the JSDF 1st Combat unit in the ground battle in Marais.

Type 74 STT (Special terrain Type 74)

Terrain Type 74 are tanks used by 1st Combat Unit. They are outfitted with TUSK's (Tank Urban Survival Kits) given by the United States that protect them from shaped charges. They also have tank skirts (often confused as Schurzen) used to keep the track from being damaged from debris.


  • While not shown in the anime or manga, the Type 74 is equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, similar to hydraulics in cars. This allows the Type 74 to adjust the hull's angle and allowing it to tilt to either the left, right, front or back. This can allow the Type 74 to increase its paltry -6 degrees of gun depression to an incredible -15 degrees by leaning the tank forward, allowing it to hide its hull and only expose its small flat turret. This "hull down" fighting position can be seen in Episode 2 of the anime, where Type 74s engage the Imperial Forces from static positions.