M249 SAW

A member of the JGSDF using the Sumitomo Minimi

Sumitomo Minimi
Production History
Manufacturer Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Produced 1975-present
Numbers built Unknown
Weight 6.85 kg
Length 1 040 mm
Barrel Length 465 mm
Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-actuated, open bolt
Rate of Fire 700 - 1 150 RPM
Muzzle Velocity 925 m/s
Effective Firing Range 300 - 1 000 m sight adjustments
Feed System 200-Round Box Magazine or 200 and 100 Round Pouch Magazine or 30 Round M16-Type STANAG Magazine
Sights Rear aperture, front post

The most common SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon around. It is commonly used by the US and many other NATO countries due to its high rate of fire and use of 5.56 mm ammo.

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