Suwani (諏訪に Suwani) is a currency used in the Special Region. Suwani gold coins are the most valuable currency in the world beyond the gate. There is 60 grams of gold per coin. Similar to the gold koban coins of Edo-period Japan, Suwani was also used as a form of investment. As a result, very few were made and almost none of them appeared on the market; because of this, the Sinku was considered the most commonly circulated gold coin in the Empire. In comparison, the Sinku was slightly smaller than the Suwani, as its gold content was slightly under ten grams, yet Sinku were considered to be valuable because of their convenience in trade. Commonly, the exchange rate was 5 Sinku to 1 suwani but, due to the fluctuations of trade currency, this changes frequently. There are also other coins of lower value called Denari and Soruda.

It is a very thick and heavy coin where one thousand Suwani would weigh 60 kilos. One million Suwani would weigh 60 tons. As Japan demanded that the Empire had paid 500 million Suwani for war reparations, which would require 30,000 tons of gold, it was considered nonviable to pay even if the Empire had gathered all the gold objects in Falmart starting from the crowns of the Empire’s vassal kings, their treasure, their currency, and so forth to be reforged into Suwani they could not mint anywhere near 500 million.


  • Japan's initial war reparations demand of 500 million Suwani was based on Japan's annual budget that year (2012). Gold value in the Japanese market was low in the summer of 2012, and the budget that year was also unusually large because of disaster relief and debt payment, resulting in a broadly estimated exchange rate of between 180,000 and 240,000 Yen per Suwani. Based on the fact that the central bank of Japan can fix their currency value at a determinate rate against foreign currency, it is can be considered to be scheme of Japanese government to exploit golds from the Empire to compensate for their debt payment and disaster relief as well as improve their currency value and economy through gold.