Tarō Kanō
Character Information
Kanji 嘉納 太郎
Romaji Kanō Tarō
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Defence Minister

Tarō Kanō (嘉納 太郎 Kanō Tarō) is the Japanese Minister of Defense and Minister for Problem Measures of the Special Region. His Otaku interests are well known among the Japanese public. He was also an otaku acquaintance of Itami in the past.


Not much is known about his personality, however he takes his duties very seriously. As an old friend of Itami he is also an otaku and talkative person, enjoying his conversation with Itami.


Kanō is middle aged man with short hair that is parted on side, he also wears a formal black suit.



He reunited with Itami at Akihabara, talking about their past, and afterward he instructed Itami to follow the plan

Skills and Abilities


Kanou's backstory and Otaku intrest may be a reference to former Prime Minister and current cabinet member Tarō Asō , who was also a widely known fan of anime and manga.


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