Second Battle of Italica

The Siege of Telta



Telta, the Empire, Special Region

  • Legitimate Imperial Government and JSDF Decisive victory
  • Effectively ending Imperial Civil War
  • Effectively ending Japanese-Empire War
  • Zorzal is assassinated by Tyuule
  • The truth behind the Tyuule's attempt to save her kinds is revealed


very heavy, Zorzal El Caesar

Civilian casualties


The Siege of Telta happens after the Second Battle of Italica in which the Loyalist army and the JSDF lay siege around Telta to force Zorzal and his army to surrender. During this time, Zorzal has nearly lost all his sanity after losing the entire army and frantically orders all his remaining force to defend the city at all cost much to reluctance of all pro-war senators and generals.

Despite the defender tries their best to shower their enemy with arrows, catapult and ballista, their effort is futile since all the defenses are quickly neutralized by JSDF gunships. As the result, all pro-war senator and generals see no hope left for them to keep on fighting and urging Zorzal to surrender only for them to be threatened to be killed by Zorzal since he knows fully well that despite he will be spared if he surrenders, Pina, Diabo and Molt will kick him in the mine to work as hard labor as punishment or worst being exiled out of the Empire.

Fed up with Zorzal's stupidity and insanity as well as his disregards for all generals and pro-war senators who were killed for being tricked by Zorzal into meat shield during the Second Battle of Italica, all pro-war senators and generals open the gate of Telta and surrender the Loyalist and JSDF. During this time, Tyuule has escaped from her imprisonment and proceed to assassinate Zorzal with success but at the cost of her own life.


Zorzal's death marks the end of the Imperial Civil War and the collapsed of Zorzal's regime. All surviving pro-war senators and generals are spared but being stripped of their privilege. Furthermore, the truth about Tyuule offers her body to save her people in the past and Zorzal's deception are confirmed by Furuta in which Tyuule's body is given a ceremony burial by her people to honor her sacrifice and bravery in killing Zorzal. While Zorzal's corpse is cremated with the rest of dead bodies of his soldiers without royalty buried ceremony since Pina, Molt, Diabo as well as Itami's gang see that an idiotic warmonger like him doesn't deserve that kinds of privilege.

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