The Type 06 rifle grenade (06式小銃てき弾 Maru-roku-shiki Shōjū Tekidan) is a rifle grenade used by the JGSDF. It can be launched from the Howa Type 89 or Howa Type 64 rifles without other attachments.

Type 06 rifle grenade

Type 6 rifle grenade in real life

600px-Gate JSDF 23 Type89F (21)

A JSDF Special Force member prepare to fire the Type 06 rifle grenade at the swarm of Imperial Soldiers

600px-Gate JSDF 23 Type89F (22)

A line up of JGSDF paratroopers prepares to fire rifle grenades with their Type 89-F


Itami uses a Type 06 Rifle Grenade

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