Hello there. Are admins still active? I'd like to discuss some issues.

The Main page

Firstly, it is because the main page hasn't been updated. So, I tried to edit and modify some contents for the main page. However, they are complicated due to the old contents within the mainpage. Afterwards, I want to fix it by myself. Unfortunately it is protected, so only admins can edit it.

Can any admin erase all of the content there:!_Wiki?action=edit

And put these:

<mainpage-leftcolumn-start />
<mainpage-endcolumn />

<mainpage-rightcolumn-start />
<mainpage-endcolumn />


It will certainly be better.

The Link

Another thing is, that I managed to obtain the link of

It was a completely abandoned wiki. You all already know that the series is more often called as just Gate, instead of its full title. If an admin approve, you can use the link because it's simpler.

Contents wouldn't lose. The wikia team can easily close the and change it as the primary link for this wiki.

Thank you.