Village Chief
Village Chief
Character Information
Kanji 村長
Romaji Sonchō
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Middle aged
Gender Male
Title(s) Chief
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Village Chief of Coda Village
Affiliation JSDF

Village Chief (村長 Sonchō) was the head chief of the Coda village.


Village Chief acts like a usual old man. He cares about people and his village a lot. However he made a decision to flee from Coda village because there's a possibility that the Flame Dragon would attack it after its attack on the elves.


Village Chief is very short old man in his late years. He has spiky gray hair and a mustache of the same color. He wears a brown hat as well as a brown jacket with white shirt ornamented with red ribbon.



Skills & Abilities



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