Wataru Higaki
Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human (Japanese)
Gender Male
Hair Color black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Title(s) Major
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Assigning jobs
Commander Fifth
Rank Major
Affiliation JSDF
Location Alnus
Debut Anime episode 2

Manga chapter 1

Major Wataru Higaki member of Special Region Dispatch Force, commander of 5th combat team, and Yōji Itami.


Wears glasses, has a screamer command style with an average build, but Itami trusts him.


His first appearance is in Anime episode 2 and Manga chapter 1 when he assigns Itami to Third Recon Team.

In Anime episode 4 he is unhappy with the refugees, but when General Kōichirō Hazama orders a refugee relocation camp he puts Itami in charge, "You brought them in you take care of them!"

During the last attack by Zorsal on Alnus because of the Idaten order, JSDF personnel wouldn't be allowed to assist the refugees. However, 3rd Recon Team led by Major Wataru Higaki defined the order and got in their Humvees to help the fleeing refugees. As they entered the refugee camps, they decimated vast amount of Dars with their machine guns and assault rifles. However, despite their superiority in firepower, the number of the Dars were too great for a small team to kill all of them forcing Higaki to initiate tactical retreat. While on their way, Higaki saved two refugees named Toista and Touhatta, respectively and got them in the Humvee. Unfortunately, these two refugees were actually commanders of the Dars as Toista used the soundless flute to command more Dars to attack the Humvee as well as stabbing a JSDF training officer and Touhatta stabbed Higaki in the chest.

As the result, Tozu furiously used his rifle butt to brutally smash both of them to death. However, unlike Toista, Touhatta still had some strength left in her as she sprayed a special liquid of an unidentified species of insect beasts inside the interior of the Humvee to cause all Dars in the area to go frenzy to attack the Humvee. Afterward, she tried her best to escape the Humvee by rolling out the vehicle but Tozu's beating was too great for her to even stand to run for her life. Consequently, as she cringed to her life, Azuma executed her with multiple gun shots from his rifle.


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See International_sabotage_of_the_Gate 'Battle at the Alnus Refugee District' for above discription