Wataru Higaki
Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human (Japanese)
Gender Male
Hair Color black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Title(s) Major
Status Living
Professional Information
Job(s) Assigning jobs
Commander Fifth
Rank Major
Affiliation JSDF
Location Alnus
Debut Anime episode 2

Manga chapter 1

Major Wataru Higaki member of Special Region Dispatch Force, commander of 5th combat team, and Yōji Itami.


Wears glasses, has a screamer command style with an average build, but Itami trusts him.


His first appearance is in Anime episode 2 and Manga chapter 1 when he assigns Itami to Third Recon Team.

In Anime episode 4 he is unhappy with the refugees, but when General Kōichirō Hazama orders a refugee relocation camp he puts Itami in charge, "You brought them in you take care of them!"


Book, GATE (C) Sentai Filmworks Houston, Texas, page 60.


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