Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Wolfman
Gender Male
Professional Information
Job(s) Military Police (MP), Alnus
JSDF sparing partner
Affiliation Alnus Resident
Location Alnus
Wolf at JSDF bayonet practice

Wolf using a wooden sword at JSDF sheathed bayonet practice.

Well endowed Wolf

Wolf is well endowed.

Wolf is demi-human with appearance of a wolf who serves as MP as well as melee combat instructor in Alnus. Despite his appearance, he is quite friendly and mellow. He finds sword fighting in Japan weird. He is terrified of Shino due to her temper.

In the Paid Vacation Chapter Wolf says his original home is the, "Vorshant's Forest on the other side of the Ice and Snow Mountains." About a two month walk from Alnus.

Meia hugging Wolf tail in steam room

Cat Girl Meia hugs Wolf's tail in Steam room.

Love Life

Wolf is well endowed in his private parts, while at the baths with the Japanese they stared at his equipment with awe! In paid Vacation" we see his bulging shorts see pic. at the right.

Wolf and cat girl Meia may have something going on, see pic. at right.

And Shino Kuribayashi is shown giving him a back rub in Chapter 39's introductory art.


Wolf being interrogated by Rory

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