Zyuganov President
Character Information
Kanji ジェガノフ
Romaji Jeganofu
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Title(s) President of the Russian Federation
Status Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation Russia

Zyuganov (ジェガノフ Jeganofu) is the President of the Russian Federation. Worrying that the abundant resources in the "Special Region" would dilute Russia's influence, he involves himself in a number of plots.  He wants to simply get rid of the Gate. However, like all others superpower, he secretly conducts the secret dimensional gate research in order to reap profit from the Special Region.

He like the rest of the world superpowers want to gather deep information about the Special Region in which he conducts kidnapping operation to kidnap Pina, Bozes, Rory, Tuka and Lelei when they visit Japan to extract information from them.


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